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Our philosophy of life:

The techniques used for the cultivation of apricot, olive and vineyard reflect the agronomic and integrated struggle method.
In the traditional agriculture, agriculture of the past, there were practically no restrictions on the use of chemical means, except those imposed by national legislation. The farmer was free to use all means to defend crops and to optimize production, the consumer did not have sufficient guarantees on the healthiness of the product and on the absence of harmful substances.
Now instead, there is Integrated agriculture that has become widespread thanks to a strong political will.
The agriculture that uses these production techniques follows a “production disciplinary” that establishes which products (normally those with the least impact on the ecosystem) can be used in the defense of crops from pathogens and parasites, what doses can be used and as soon as possible with respect to the collection it is necessary to interrupt any treatments.
Farmers who follow integrated production use various technologies to optimize the use of water and fertilizers and pathogen monitoring techniques to reduce the application of chemicals.
The company’s decision to use integrated production derives from assessments made to ensure on the one hand a profitability of the company over time, which would be very uncertain in the biological, and on the other the use of techniques that allow high quality and a safe product from the hygienic point of view. We believe that with integrated production we achieve a fair balance between economic, social and ecological sustainability.

Extra virgin olive oil

Olive is harvest by hand during the period of ripening to maintain the fruity and floral aromas typical of this variety.

The oil has a green color with golden yellow reflections, its taste is intense fruity, herbaceous, with green pepper notes, tomato and artichoke, with a slightly spicy aftertaste, (pinch of the throat), it is more evident when it is used young, and it is a quality of the extra-virgin olive oil of the Nocellara del Belice cultivar, it is not filtered, but only decanted, the primary aromas are not altered, and part of those tannins are eliminated a characteristic taste typical of Nocellara del Belice.

We recommend a moderate use (a spoon) raw on cooked vegetables, roasts, legumes and salads enhancing tastes and flavors.


Phone: +39 3335492444
Via Polverai 23, Partanna (TP)