The Avocado


The avocado is a subtropical fruit, the skin that can be smooth or rough, takes on a color that goes from green to purple according to the variety and maturation; It contains an abundant creamy yellow pulp and a large central seed. Excellent to taste alone or as an ingredient of more elaborate dishes, sweet and savory, it is the ideal food for a healthy and balanced diet.

Why choose Sicilian avocado?

The Sicilian avocado, grown organically, is caressed by the sun of the island and the sea breeze, enjoys peculiar characteristics: the microclimate, the quality of the soil and the purity of the water extracted at 70 meters of depth that make it even more tasty and precious.

Beneficial properties

The beneficial properties of avocado are many: it is a fruit rich in water, contains significant amounts of vitamins and minerals, with a contribution of calories proportionate to the extent of its nutrients. It is very rich in vitamins; there are 13 vitamins that the body absolutely needs: vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B vitamins. It is a great ally during the development of the fetus and helps protect sight.

Defined as a natural antioxidant, it has been included within the 27 essential elements against cancer treatment.

It also helps the release of hormones in the intestine useful to signal fullness, and therefore control of appetite. Its creamy consistency makes it one of the most loved fruits, even by children.

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