About Us

Tenute Caracci

Tenute Caracci is a family-run farm for 3 generations.

It is located in Partanna, in the district of Trapani, 250 meters a.s.l., for this reason the productions take on characteristics of value, which product is distinguished from the others.

Already my grandfather began to cultivate the land with his bare hands to try to give life to this company. “Once working was even harder than now” my grandfather tells me; “We got up in the dark, took the donkey or who was luckier had the horse and we left, we went to work. It took an hour or more before you arrived and when the sun was rising you were already there, ready to start working under the scorching sun, then we stopped to rest a little and eat and then again to work until it was not going to get dark.

On the way back it was even harder because with the donkey loaded with weat, wood, etc … you had to get on foot and after a day of heavy work it became very tiring “.

In this way, the history of Tenute Caracci began, from hard work and hard work a company of about 25 Ha has been built, a family business where the will and the desire to work has never been lacking.

Currently the Tenute Caracci take care of the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara del Belice, a name that derives from the homonymous variety.

Several varieties of apricots and most of it is cultivated in vineyards, native and international varieties.

Lately we are also extending to the cultivation of tropical fruits such as Avocado trying to bring innovations and experiment new possibilities.

Phone: +39 3335492444
Via Polverai 23, Partanna (TP)