In the fertile valleys of Trapani, luscious Apricots are grown at Tenute Caracci farms. Apricots are rich in numerous ways and enrich your table with well-being and colour.

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Apricots, in general, impart beneficial properties.
They, as all fruits, contain beta-carotene which aids in sun-tanning.


Big and small, the varieties of Tenute Caracci Apricots

Presso Tenute Caracci sono coltivate 3 differenti varietà di albicocco:

Apricot Mogador Variety is harvested early – during the first 15 days of May;
is another early harvest with a very large size, between AA and AAA;
Orange Prima
is a medium maturation variety which is harvested in June with large fruit and an excellent balance between acidity, sweetness and aroma.