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Tenute Caracci farm manages the production of extra-virgin olive oil D.O.P. – produced as it was once was made – fresh fruit, beautiful apricots, avocados, and grapes kissed by the Sicilian sun. 

The geographical territory of Tenute Caracci is located in the beautiful valley between the Belice and Modione rivers in Partanna, in the province of Trapani. If you want to bring fresh, flavourful and healthy products to your table, Tenute Caracci can bring you all the goodness of fruit and Extra-virgin olive oil D.O.P. cultivated, harvested and produced by tradition methods.

A company rich in colours

The Tenute Caracci farm consist of 30 hectares, with cultivars of Nocellara del Belice olives tree, vineyards of different varieties, and orchards of apricots and avocados. We produce 20 tons of oil, 200 tons of grapes, 13 tons of apricots and 1 ton of avocados.

Attracted by the quality of our products and our professionalism, our customers, wholesalers or private individuals alike, come from every part of Italy and abroad. We guarantee the online sales of Sicilian olive oil.


Tenute Caraci’s mission is to introduce products from the Valley of Belice territory and to offer our clients the security of a healthy and flavourful product thanks to the use of traditional processing techniques.
The hight quality of fresh fruit and olive oil fuses with the professionalism and trust of our company, which guarantees rapid delivery times in all of Italy.

Choosing Tenute Caracci signifies having a guarantee of a healthy, safe and flavourful product, which is infused with the Sicilian sun and bountiful unique goodness of the valleys of Belice.

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Guarantees and awards

The extra-virgin olive oil from Tenute Caracci is produced from the Nocellara del Belice cultivar, an olive tree typical of the Trapanese valley. Its quality and uniqueness have been branded with the D.O.P. mark, a recognition that attests to the goodness of an exceptional product at a European level.

The Extra-virgin oil of Nocellara del Belice olives is a D.O.P. Superior quality guarantee is strongly linked
with the fertile and healthy territory of origin, the Valleys of Belice in Trapani.

Farmers and producers for three generations 

Tenute Caracci was born in the 1940s. During that time, Antonino Caracci purchased the land and began to cultivate it. He awoke early in the morning, when the last stars disappeared from the coming sunrise. It took him an hour to arrive on his land. The journey was long. He then started to work, stopping only to regain his strength with a bit of bread. Then he restarted, working until sunset. Returning home, the donkey (people more fortunate had horse) was so loaded with his harvest, wheat, wood, and tools that it could not bear the weight of a man, so side-by-side they walked home with the last sunlight on their backs.

From Father to son

During the 1980s and 1990s, Giuseppe Caracci expanded his estate by purchasing other plots of land, expanding another 20 hectares, and renovating his farm with new tools, tractors and technologies.
From father to son, the farm’s management then passed to Mirko Caracci, agronomist and winemaker, grandson of the farm’s founder. He has implemented more advanced machinery and technologies, while maintaining his grandfather’s cultivation techniques, an essential “know how” guaranteeing quality and healthy production.