Thanks to the Sicilian Belice Valley climate, the Tenute Caracci avocado is feeds on a fertile land and the sun’s rays softened by the sea air.
The result is a tropical fruit that is a explosion of taste and well-being.

In Tenute Caracci avocados you can taste the sea


Cultivation using the conventional method makes the Tenute Caracci avocado healthy and super nutritious. The island’s microclimate, the quality of the soil and the purity of the water extracted at a depth of 70 metres make the fruit even tastier at more valuable. Kissed by the island sun and caressed by the sea breeze, the Sicilian avocado is enriched with unique characteristics.
The skin is smooth or rough, with a colour that can turn from green to purple depending on the quality and the state of ripeness. Internally the pulp is abundant, yellow and creamy, with a large stone (pit) in the centre.


Avocado: the gourmet fruit that is in fashion

Avocado is the ideal fruit for those who want to have a healthy and balanced diet. The avocado has many beneficial properties.
Rich in water, it contains numerous vitamins.
Creamy and tasty, children like it too.
You can consume it alone or as part of more elaborate dishes; sweet or savory.

Would you like to have your own avocado plant?

How about owing your own Sicilian avocado plant?
Living in urban make it difficult to have a vegetable garden or a space to cultivate and often even those who have one do not have time to do so.
Does this happen to you too?

Tenute Caracci gives you the opportunity to adopt an avocado plant, while leaving it in good hands. Thanks to the “Adopt an avocado plant” initiative, you can “rent” one and let it be grown by the company’s farmers.
They will take care of it, respecting it and irrigating it as needed and… all its fruits will be sent directly to your home without any intermediary: from the field to your table!
Your avocado will be part of the foods you have chosen – for you and your family – a healthy and healthy lifestyle.