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Oil D.O.P. and other Tenute Caracci products

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Guarantees and awards

The extra-virgin olive oil from Tenute Caracci is produced from the Nocellara del Belice cultivar, an olive tree typical of the Trapanese valley. Its quality and uniqueness have been branded with the D.O.P. mark, a recognition that attests to the goodness of an exceptional product at a European level.


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The cornucopia of Tenute Caracci. A land that smiles at you

The fertile land of Tenute Caracci is divided among the different cultivations.
Avocados, Apricots, and other fruit enjoy of 4 hectares.

A wise viticulture allows the production of various different varieties of grapes; red and white native and international.

5 hectares of lend are dedicated to the cultivation of olive tree, from which the olives are harvested manually and taken to the oil mill, and cold-pressed to within 24 hours. Extra-virgin oil of Nocellara del Belice olives is D.O.P., a Italy brand signifying a quality product and guarantee.

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Our unique products are guaranteed. Tenute Caracci products are full of flavour from a land rich in history, unique for its location, kissed by the sun, and caressed by its sea breezes. Choosing Tenute Caracci is choosing security, flavour and goodness.



The D.O.P. mark gives to Extra-virgin olive oil of Tenute Caracci an European guarantee of quality and uniqueness of the product.